Consumer Reports is an independent  nonprofit organization that provides consumers with unbiased research, ratings and education.  Consumer Reports used information from inpatient databases to calculate cesarean section rates for hospitals across the nation.  The databases were provided by Cigna, an American health services organization.  

Consumer Reports does not recommend one hospital over another, nor do they give any hospital "a stamp of approval".  Consumer Reports is only providing the data so the consumers (patients) can make informed decisions.

The Consumer Reports rating of a hospital's ability to avoid cesarean sections is based on the percentage of women who had a  cesarean section at that hospital. It does not include women who had a prior cesarean section or who had multiple babies in that delivery (for example, twins), delivered pre-term, had a delivery where the baby was in an abnormal position (for example, feet first or face up), or a delivery where the baby died.

The information presented here is available on their website ( Search for hospital ratings or use the link below (scroll down to the sections listing North Carolina and Virginia hospitals). 

Northeastern OB/GYN only delivers babies at Sentara Albemarle Medical Center.

Northeastern OB/GYN has delivered more than half of the babies born at Sentara Albemarle Medical Center over the past four years.

Sentara Albemarle Medical Center received Consumer Reports highest rating for its ability to "Avoid C-Sections".

  • Northeastern OB/GYN's low C-section rate contributed to this high rating.  

In North Carolina and Virginia combined only one other hospital received this rating.

  • Harris Regional Hospital - which is 450 miles away. 

According to Consumer Reports, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center's C-section rate for low-risk deliveries was 8%.

  • This is 33%-68% lower than the rates reported for the other hospitals in northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia.


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