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For more than 25 years, Northeastern OB GYN has been utilizing Albemarle Hospital (Sentara Albemarle Medical Center).  We are grateful for this association and proud of the care we have provided to our patients with Albemarle Hospital.

However, as we look to the future we see exciting opportunities for our patients if we are associated with Chesapeake Regional Medical Center.  

Northeastern OB/GYN’s association with Chesapeake Regional Medical Center will provide patients with:

     Level 2 Nursery

     We currently have to transfer mothers in preterm labor if they are less than 35 weeks pregnant (
term is                     considered 37 weeks and beyond) and many babies born prior to 35 weeks.  Chesapeake Regional Medical               Center will allow us to be able to care for more mothers and babies down to 32 weeks.

     Neonatology/Pediatric Physician in hospital 24/7

     There is always a Neonatologist/Pediatrician physically in the hospital to respond to needs of the babies.

     Anesthesiologist/Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in hospital 24/7

     This allows for timely anesthesia service (epidurals, etc.).

     OB/GYN Hospitalists in hospital 24/7

     This is a 
OB/GYN who is always available for emergencies in Labor and Delivery.

     Expanded Midwifery Service

     Northeastern OB GYN’s midwives will be collaborating with the midwives in Chesapeake.   Chesapeake Regional       Medical Center is committed to increasing their midwifery services.

     Hydrotherapy for laboring mothers

     Patients have access to temperature controlled tubs to help with painful labor.

     Lactation Consultants

     Lactation consultants who visit all mothers to help with breastfeeding.

     Extended Stay Rooms

     Sometimes babies need to stay in the hospital longer than their mothers.  These rooms keep moms and babies       together.

      Access to The Surgery Center of Chesapeake

     There are some patients who need minor surgical care but do not need to use a hospital operating               room.  This will allow for more efficient, less expensive surgical care.

     Expanded medical staff

     Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, being a larger facility, provides more specialty coverage for our           patients.  Examples: Gynecologic Oncology, Bariatric Surgery, Intensivist, Neurology, etc.

     The Breast Center

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     Access to uterine fibroid emobolization

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We understand that NortheasternOB GYN using Chesapeake Regional Medical Center is a big change for our patients.  It is our hope that our patients will appreciate the benefits that this change 
provides for their care.

Northeastern OB GYN will continue to see patients at their Elizabeth City and Kitty Hawk locations.

Our new location in Moyock is scheduled to open in January 2018. 

This transition has only been 
possible with assistance from TotalCare for Women for which we are truly grateful and are excited to partner with this February. 

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   But isn’t Chesapeake Regional Medical Center too far to deliver my baby?


Some patients will question whether Chesapeake Regional Medical Center is too far for them to safely deliver their baby.  The fact is that Chesapeake Regional Medical Center already has a history of delivering patients from Perquimans, Pasquotank, Camden, Currituck, and Dare counties.  Interestingly, prior to the Outer Banks Hospital opening in 2002, most pregnant patients in Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke delivered at Albemarle Hospital and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center.  The distance from Cape Hatteras to Albemarle Hospital is 111 miles. With the expansion of Highway 17 over the Elizabeth River and the Chesapeake Expressway (Va-168), the drive to Chesapeake is even easier.   


After  February 15, 2018

Northeastern OB GYN

will only be using

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

for the hospital care of their patients


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